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SCC’s May 2016 TNR Report

Year 7 for Steelton Community Cats began this past February..

SCC’s May 2016 TNR Report

SCC’s May 2016 TNR Report

Year 7 for Steelton Community Cats began this past February and, as we’ve realized over the years, we know that no two surgery clinics are alike.  Our May 2016 TNR Surgery Clinic turned out to be a challenging one for Drs. Diane, Meghan and Autumn of The Vetting Zoo Animal Hospital.  If you’ve recently checked out SCC’s facebook page, I’m sure that many of you have come to know Lottie, the seriously ill free-roaming cat that has not only captured our hearts but the hearts of so many of our supporters.  What a way to begin our Thursday morning surgery session . . . Drs. Diane and Meghan examining Lottie, diagnosing her with a prolapsed rectum, and since her time was running out, the veterinary staff prepped Lottie for immediate surgery to correct the problem and save her life.  This procedure was quite tedious and time-consuming, but thankfully Lottie is a fighter and she survived the surgery.  Next on the table was a male cat that needed a hernia repair followed by a cat with a severe wound by its tail that needed additional medical attention.  Moving on to the Friday surgery session, it began with Drs. Diane and Autumn performing an eye enucleation on two cats.  These procedures were in addition to spaying/neutering 55 cats as well as treating a number of them for wounds, URIs, and performing dental work on several of them.

Prior to the surgery clinic, an avid TNR trapper and a dedicated SCC volunteer approached SCC asking if we would be able to help with a colony in the City of Harrisburg.  This past February, SCC was the proud recipient of a monetary grant from the Susan Giblin Foundation for Animal Wellness and Welfare.  The purpose of the grant:  to assist colony caretakers from outside our service area.  So, our answer was “yes.”  And the trapping began.  Eighteen cats from this one colony were trapped, spayed/neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, as well as treated for numerous injuries and illnesses (including an eye enucleation and quite a few dental surgeries).  All of the cats have been returned to their colonies, are much healthier than when they arrived and they will no longer be contributing to cat overpopulation.  Two more cats from other colonies in the City of Harrisburg also were trapped and treated at this clinic.  SCC is very grateful to the Susan Giblin Foundation for recognizing the importance of TNR organizations such as ours and offering their financial assistance to allow our organization to help others in need.

Since SCC’s inception, more than 5,000 cats have been spayed/neutered through our program.  These cats have also been provided with medical care thanks to donations from caring individuals and businesses as well as from our fundraising efforts. Medical treatment for the cats and operational costs for the program can be quite expensive.  Since Steelton Community Cats is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, please consider making a tax-deductible donation — monetary, gift cards to pet stores or grocery stores, or items such as cat food, litter, etc.  Monetary donations should be made payable to SCC and can be mailed to P. O. Box 7618, Steelton, PA 17113.  As for donations of cat food, litter, etc., they can be dropped off at our facility or arrangements can be made so one of our volunteers can pick them up.


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