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Meet Tiffany & Joe

Tiffany Linta and Joe Harwin have been dedicated volunteers with..

Meet Tiffany & Joe

Meet Tiffany & Joe

Tiffany Linta and Joe Harwin have been dedicated volunteers with SCC for at least the past five years.  Their specialty — monitoring and caring for all the cats post-surgery.  This is a critical time period for the cats during their recovery process because no cat can be left unattended until it fully regains consciousness.  Tiffany and Joe carefully watch over the cats to make sure they are kept warm, are breathing normally, and that there is no abnormal bleeding from the incision area.  They also follow any special instructions the vet staff requests, such as taking a cat’s temperature or observing a wound site to make sure the bleeding has stopped.  Our surgery days can be quite long and Tiffany and Joe are always there until the last cat is spayed/neutered and is out of danger.  They get to do what a lot of people don’t normally have the opportunity to do . . . touch the “untouchable” cats, sometimes even hold them in a blanket, and give them some love and attention that most feral and free-roaming cats never experience in their lifetime.  Many times you catch Tiffany combing or brushing a long-haired cat trying to get all the knots out of it.  Whether or not the kitties realize it, they are blessed to have these two knowledgeable and caring people watching over them.

Tiffany and her husband, Jeff, are Steelton residents who have given a furever home to a number of rescue kitties.  Tiffany also volunteers with The Humane Society of the Harrisburg Area where she helps socialize the kittens and cats so they are as lovable as can be when they are adopted.  Tiffany even keeps herself busier because she volunteers as a Bingo caller every other week at The Mohler Senior Center in Derry Township.

Joe is also a Steelton resident and lives next door to Tiffany and Jeff.  He is a Navy veteran who proudly served our nation.  Besides being an SCC volunteer, Joe works with a construction company that keeps him busy.  Joe also has a rescue pet cat named Crystal, who simply adores him.

THANK YOU, Tiffany and Joe, for your unending support to the SCC organization.  We are so very grateful to you for sharing your time as an SCC volunteer.


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