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Please make a tax deductible donation. We rely on donations to stop the cycle and reduce the feral cat population in the area.

Stopping The Cycle

"Stopping The Cycle" is SCC's campaign to HUMANELY reduce the overpopulation of feral and free-roaming cats within our participating communities of Steelton Borough and Swatara, Susquehanna and Lower Swatara townships. There will always be free-roaming cats having kittens. As responsible individuals, we all can work together to curb the reproductive cycle of cats by taking advantage of local Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR) programs. Our TNR program provides a "NO-KILL" Population Control Service of feral and free-roaming cats. TNR WORKS: saving taxpayers' money, saving cats' lives, and doing what is best for feral and free-roaming cats -- not euthanizing them but allowing the cats to live out their lives in the environment they know and love.

Please consider volunteering and helping our campaign of "Stopping the Cycle" in your neighborhood. Volunteers are always needed. Whatever time you can offer is appreciated. We invite you to visit our facility to see what interests you. We always have fun while we are doing something useful for our community as well as working together to make our neighborhoods a better place to live for both humans and the cats.

SCC is proud of our association with the Dauphin County Office of Probation Services. Individuals needing to perform community service hours are always welcome to join us each month. It's a win-win for SCC and the individual -- they help SCC by performing tasks such as clean and feeds and SCC helps them by giving them the hours they need to fulfill their obligation to the county.


We always need volunteers to help trap cats or assist in the pick-up of cats from their colony location and transport them to our facility. Trapping cats requires patience, a desire to hunt and oftentimes puts the trapper to the test of trying to outwit the cat. Not all cats easily wander into the traps. Volunteers are provided training and instructions on the best methods to trap colony cats or that free-roaming cat that shows up in your neighborhood. Our monthly trapping session last four days. Trapping begins the Sunday prior to each of our monthly TNR Surgery Clinics, which are always scheduled for a Thursday and Friday.

Surgery Clinics

Our monthly 2-day surgery clinics are always held on a Thursday and Friday. Surgery days can be quite long so the more volunteers the better. Volunteers are needed to do the twice daily clean and feeds, transport cats from their stations to the pre-surgery room and then back to their station following surgery, clean instruments, monitor the cats following surgery, launder the dirty linens and towels, and throughout the day clean traps so everything is spic and span before all personnel leave the facility each evening. One of the most important tasks is to monitor all cats following surgery. Volunteers are instructed to know what signs indicate a cat is in distress following surgery. The cat's health and safety are of the utmost importance to our organization and the veterinary staff. As in humans, anything can happen. Every precaution is taken to make sure the cat comes through surgery in the best condition possible and continues to heal during its recovery while at our facility.

Spa Week

Volunteers are always needed during our "Spa Week" -- a term we adopted at the inception of our program. All the cats that enter our facility are pampered and no longer need to hunt or forage for food and are housed in a clean and heated/air-conditioned facility. Volunteers are instructed to safely perform the twice daily (a.m. & p.m.) task of clean and feeds. All sick and injured cats are provided with the best medical care possible. Whatever medical condition needs to be treated or addressed -- Upper Respiratory Infections, Urinary Tract Infections, eye injuries, wounds throughout their bodies, broken limbs, dental issues, etc. -- SCC makes sure the cat gets the appropriate care. No cat is returned to its colony until it is healthy and is able to survive in its natural environment.

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